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  • Use of hand-held devices while driving: Law change explained

    There were a number of changes to the Highway Code published earlier this year which Aviva PLC has highlighted in this article and visual guide.
    These updates have been closely followed by a change to the law in March 2022 regarding the use of a mobile device while driving.

  • Rechargeable Batteries: Storing Up Trouble?

    The UK is seeing the emergence of battery storage systems to power the likes of homes and offices, to reduce the reliance on fossil fuels and conventionally generated electricity. Lithium batteries are increasingly becoming an integral part of all our lives.

  • Bicycles top ‘most wanted’ list by UK thieves

    Analysis of data published by insurer Zurich shows a sharp overall drop in claims for burglary over the past four years but a steep rise in bike thefts, as they now top the list of the most-stolen household items.

  • Financial wellbeing and the cost-of-living squeeze

    Many considerations need to be made in the current economic climate, and firms face the challenge of ensuring they make employee financial wellbeing a top focus while at the same time ensuring their businesses remain profitable during these uncertain times.

  • Helping businesses manage their cyber risk

    The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) is encouraging businesses to bolster their cyber security in light of the events in Ukraine and the increased threat of cyber-attacks. For small and medium business owners, the current conflict might seem far-removed from the day to day running of their business but cyber threats are an ongoing threat.

  • Phishing – The need to educate & upskill our employees

    Our employees must be given the knowledge on how to recognise “phishing attacks,” in fact, a check list may be a feasible starting point. We are all aware that these attacks exist and are on the rise, but if our employees could recognise and report the phishing emails, texts, telephone calls, adverts and websites that form part of the fraud, the threat can be reduced.

  • Help to prevent the Escape of Water

    Escape of Water (EOW) is a term used to define a water leak in a property. It usually occurs in instances where there is a catastrophic burst or slow leak from the plumbing or heating system involving pipes and joints, but also appliances or even faulty bathroom sealant.

  • Industry specific risk management guides

    Our insurer partner Axa Insurance have produced industry specific risk management guides to help you reduce the risks associated with your business and keep your business operational as well as protecting your staff and customers safe.

  • Why cyber risk should be a priority for every boardroom

    A common mistake many organisations make is to leave responsibility for managing cyber risk to the IT department. In reality, improving cyber security and cyber resilience is an enterprise-wide challenge, which requires buy-in from every employee.

  • Risk management guide for the small to medium UK manufacturing businesses

    While Manufacturing comprises just 5% of the UK’s businesses, it accounts for 10% of employment and 14% of turnover. Of the 270,000 firms that make up this diverse sector, just over half (138,050) are micro and SME manufacturers. Find some practical risk management advice for small and midsize manufacturing businesses: